Коференция Europartners 2020, Иерусалим

We are delighted to announce our next annual Europartners Conference in Jerusalem, Israel from 5-9 February 2020. It promises to be a very special event and an incredible opportunity for you to invite a colleague or friend who you want to meet Israel, the city of Jerusalem, Messianic Jewish business people, peers, European business friends and inspiring speakers from Israel and Europe.

Next to what we mentioned above we offer time for worship, silence, refection and meeting God. There will be teachings about business God’s way and workshops about being a Christian business person in the marketplace. Wouter, the president of Europartners will launch his book. ‘Shaking paradise’, where we will discover business lessons from two cities. The city of Babylon, the city of men and the city of Jerusalem, the city of God. Afterwards and on top of this we have our post-conference tour to explore and discover the land of Israel. During this tour we will visit all the important Biblical places, having an experience and enthusiastic tour guide, introduction on kingdom business from our messianic Jewish business friends and visit some interesting companies. All these individual activities are a reason in itself to come, imagine the full-package. Subscribe today to this extraordinary opportunity. Take your partner or business friends with you and enjoy this special event and opportunity with them. We will have a special partner program and young professional program too. Looking forward to meeting you all next year in Jerusalem. Wouter Droppers President of Europartners


Registration is now open