Young Professionals Weekend Kyiv 2018

Young Professionals Weekend, Kyiv 5 - 6 October 2018

You are a Christian, working in an environment where others are not very interested in God and faith. How do you engage with others? How do you combine your personal faith with your life as a professional? How are you in conversation about Jesus?

Most Christian young professionals find it difficult to navigate this. They want to have a job that suits them well, grow in their skills and expertise, make promotion if possible. Above all, they want to be part of the team just as anyone else. To utilize their workplace for sharing their faith is not easy. And they have seen many examples of how not to do this.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you want to learn how to talk about Jesus in a way that suits you, is natural and comfortable? Then this is the weekend for you!

Here is what we offer

  • Insight into your working culture;
  • Discovery of your own personal faith journey;
  • The skill to listen on several levels in normal, everyday conversations, so that you will understand where your * colleagues are spiritually;
  • Development of a conversation style in which you connect well;
  • Learning how to talk about faith with this being unnatural or weird;
  • More insight in how to be a loving colleague that others want to be with.

For who?

For young professionals between the age of 22 and 35.


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